What Sets Us Apart

Whole Child Development

A focus on cultivating social and emotional skills is woven into every facet of our academic program.

Mixed-Age Groupings

One of the most distinctive features of Project Learn School is the emphasis we place on mixed-aged groupings and classrooms.


Project-Based Learning

Project-based learning has been at the core of our academic program for almost half a century.

Cooperative Learning

At Project Learn, it is not just about learning but “learning-by-doing together.” 

Formative Assessment

At PLS we believe a child’s progress and achievements should not be compared to another child but rather each child should be assessed on their own progress.  

Student Choice

All children are empowered to take control of their own learning at Project Learn. 

Open Doors

At Project Learn our physical space is small, and students are free to move around and know every inch. The classrooms are always open to family members to walk in and observe or sit down and participate in the learning. 


At Project Learn we recognize and value the importance of play throughout childhood development and learning.

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