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Co-oping at Project Learn


As a cooperative, Project Learn School is not only your child's school but also your family's school. Project Learn co-opers accomplish many of the essential tasks which sustain and enrich our educational environment. PLS depends on co-opers to take responsibility to get jobs done properly, completely and on time, and to keep open communication with committee chairs and staff as needed to insure the smooth operation of our school. That said, PLS recognizes and aims to accommodate the busy and often overextended lives of our parents. Most of our co-op commitments can be fulfilled on evenings, weekends, and during the summer.


Three Main Co-op Commitments

Attend monthly Town Meetings (one parent represented, usually 8 times per year)

Co-op Job (about 40 hours per year, per family)*


Additional Family Responsibilities

  • All-school work day in Fall

  • Participate in all fundraising events

  • Help promote school fundraisers, admission open houses, and school events on social media

  • Remain in active communication with our school 

  • Provide Town Meeting snacks (twice per year per Group) and classroom snacks (applies to Dorian’s Group only, approximately two weeks per year)


In choosing to participate in a cooperative, what is the return? First of all, access to your child, their teachers, their friends and their experiences in a way that is almost impossible in a traditional school setting. We form a community nurtured by the common bond of parents taking responsibility for more than their own children. We relax with a sense of trust that as teachers and parents, we work side by side. We model the value for our children of what can be accomplished when we work together.


In addition, co-oping upholds and sustains Project Learn School’s commitment to cultural and economic diversity. Co-oping allows us to keep tuition rates lower than most private, independent schools and therefore, makes our school available to more families. Your co-oping choices reduce tuition depending on the amount of participation that is comfortable for you and your family.  


*The co-oping is all per family, so that whether you have one child or several enrolled, your co-op commitment is the same.



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