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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the tuition and do you have scholarships or financial aid?

For the 2015-2016 school year, full co-oping tuition is $14,200. Project Learn's tuition is the same for all students regardless of grade level.


For the 2016­-2017 school year, the PLS community has decided to move to a Sliding Scale Tuition Model. In this model, each family’s tuition will be set based on their ability to pay as determined by their income and assets. Please refer to Tuition for more information.  


Is before and aftercare available?

Yes! Please see Child Care for more details.  


Where do graduates go after Project Learn School?
Our goal is for each and every PLS graduate to find a best fit high school. To assist in this process, the Jr High staff will begin the conversation with each family about possible high school options during the last conference of 6th grade. Families are encouraged to visit high schools and go to Open Houses during their child’s 7th grade year. Conversation about this process continues during 7th grade conferences. At the beginning of 8th grade, our Jr High Math teacher and high school placement coordinator, Sean, will walk each family through the high school application process. Read more at Life After PLS.

How do you find graduates make the transition from such a small school to larger educational settings?
By the time students graduate from PLS, they are ready for new and exciting challenges. They have learned the skills of self advocacy, problem-­solving, and self­assessment that allow them to move easily through a larger educational environment. PLS alumni know how to engage adults and don’t find it difficult to reach out and ask for what they need. Our graduates are known for being leaders in their high schools who work well across grade levels. For more about our alumni, check here.  

Both my partner and I work full time.  Will we be able to fulfill our co-op commitments?
Most co­-op duties can be fulfilled on nights, weekends, or summer. Special accommodations may be made on a case by case basis. You can also choose co-­op buyouts depending on what best suits your family.


Does my family have to double (or triple) our co­-op hours if we have two (or three) children enrolled?

Co-op hours and buyouts are all per family, so that whether you have one child or several enrolled, your co-­op commitment or your buyout price is the same.

How does co­-oping work for single parents?
Single parents can request a reduction in the requirement of full co-oping to 25 hours. To make such a request please contact Aisha Anderson-Oberman, Admissions Director.

Do you provide a sibling discount?
A Sibling Discount, which represents 10% of the Full Co­oping tuition, may be requested by any family enrolling a second student at PLS who feels that they need this additional support. Any family enrolling a third sibling at PLS pays 2⁄3 tuition for the third student.

"At Project Learn I learned how to learn, solve problems and obtain needed information.  When given a difficult task to complete, I didn't start by saying, "This is too hard," because PLS taught me to seek out information and where/who were the best resources.  When I got to high school, my counterparts often complained of difficulty before attacking a task.  They also did not know how to use their resources to their benefit, where I did."



North Penn High School

The College of New Jersey and Arcadia Unversity

7th Grade Language Arts Teacher

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