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Community Connections


Project Learn School is a dynamic place with a lot happening! Use this guide to help navigate communication amongst our community.


Want to stay better informed?

  • Friday Flyers are one of our essential forms of communication. The Friday Flyer has important dates, information and happenings in school. Please make every effort to read the Friday Flyer which is emailed to you each Friday.  

  • Attend a PLAC or Staff meeting--families are always welcome to attend. No time? Read meeting minutes to keep up to beat with what's happening.

  • Group Teacher Newsletters:  Many teachers write weekly or bi-weekly notes for their classes. Please take time to read them; you will find a lot of information and the teachers really appreciate it when you take the time to stay informed.


Looking to get more involved?

  • Contact the Co-op Coordinator to find a good match between the school's needs and your interests/skills.

  • Attend a committee meeting. More help is always needed!

  • Ask Amanad, our Community Coordinator for suggestions of small tasks to help out around the building. 

  • Come to a social gathering to find out all the buzz.


Have questions and don't know who to ask?  

Check out our "Who Can Answer My Question" page.


Have an idea to improve the school and don't know where to take it?  

"Every voice matters" is not just a noble ideal at PLS but an every day practice. We solicit your ideas and suggestions for improvement. Please email or call Lead Parent Jordan Shapiro who can assist you in where best to direct your idea/s.


Have an issue or concern with a staff member or school policy and don't know where to turn?

Refer to PLS's Grievance Policy in the Family Handbook.


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