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Who Can Answer Your Questions


You have questions? We have answers! Please consult this list to find out who can best help you.


Our office phone number is (215) 438-3623 and hours are 8:00 am - 4:00 pm Monday-Friday.


Check with Community Coordinator, at (215) 438-3623 or with questions related to:

  • General inquiries regarding school (hours of operation, calendar, school events, etc.). 

  • Absences and school-day appointments (and your child’s teacher)

  • Announcements for Friday Flyer (weekly parent newsletter) 

  • Scheduling conferences with your child’s teacher

  • School Forms

  • Fee payments, collection, and billing

  • Building maintenance issues

  • Details and archived documents about the school and its policies

  • School-day medication

  • Thursday pretzels and Friday hot lunches


Check with  Admissions Director, at (215) 438-3623 or with questions related to:

  • Admission process and timeline

  • Application Materials

  • Tuition and Sliding Scale

  • Memberships and Accreditation


Check with your child’s Group Teacher, if you have questions or concerns related to:

  • Your child’s classroom (curriculum, daily schedule, field trips, etc.)

  • Your child’s experience at school (class work, interactions with others, a conflict or a problem)

  • Your child's progress and assessments

  • Absences and school-day appointments

  • Incident Reports


Check with Educational Coordinator, regarding:

  • Communication with the larger staff

  • Town and Administrative Meeting minutes

  • Organization of all-school events

  • Volunteering in the school

  • Parent-Teacher differences requiring mediation


Check with Donna Allender, founding parent/teacher, at for issues regarding:

  • History of the school

  • Philosophy and core values

  • Humanistic/progressive education


Check with the Lead Parent, if you have questions or issues related to:

  • Understanding PLS’s governance structure 

  • School policies and consensual decision making 

  • Long-range planning

  • School budget/finances

  • Agenda items for Town Meeting and PLAC

  • How to bring forward a proposal


Check with After Care Director, for questions related to:

  • After care


Check with the Co-op Coordinator, for questions related to:

  • Your co-op assignment

  • Clarity on your co-op job and responsibilities

  • Finding community members with the matching skill sets to assist in your project, event, etc.


Check with Community Coordinator, for questions related to:

  • Donor relations and giving

  • Alumni relations and newsletter

  • Fundraisers

Check with Community Coordinator, for questions related to:

  • Requesting publicity for school or outreach event    

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