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Letter 2



Whether you’ve been at Project Learn School since kindergarten or have come in the middle, PLS is a great place for you to start or continue your elementary education. We have both gained a lot from being students at a school that sees itself as a community. Community is a big word at Project Learn. The community will welcome you with open arms and treat you almost as if they’ve known you forever. In this community, everyone knows each other, and everyone is welcomed and accepted for who they are. The teachers make time to get to know us and allow us to get to know each other. There are many times in the year, like Group Skills, MANNA, and Reading Buddies, when we get to learn with people in different groups and form relationships, bonding the community even more.


The thing is, anyone promoting our school will go on and on about community. While that is good, we are here to tell you about the other aspects of Project Learn School. Being students, we have the most direct sense of how this school benefits us. There are many things that we love about PLS. First, there’s theme week. This is a week, where we choose a country and get to learn about its culture, food, art, and whatever else makes that country special. Second, some of our other favorite PLS school traditions include our all school camping trip, spring musical, group discussions, and our all school meetings. Finally, we get a good education! Our teachers understand and support us. They help us learn the things we need to know for life, like how to think critically, ask questions, and cook. Project Learn School has nurtured us in many different ways, and we hope you will get to experience this too.


Thanks for reading. We invite you to explore the rest of the website.



Nadja, age 12 (PLS student since kindergarten)

Evan, age 14 (PLS student since 3rd grade)

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