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Mixed-Age Groupings

Mixed-Age Groupings

Classrooms at PLS are comprised of small groups of children whose age range generally spans two to three years. Children are placed into these groups on the basis of balancing their social, emotional and cognitive development and not solely on the basis of their age. Classroom “Groups” (versus grade levels) are integral to a Project Learn education.


In these multi-age groups children develop a sense of being a family with their classmates where they have the freedom to experiment, take risks, and grow. It is powerful to witness older students mentor younger classmates and then see the younger students proudly step up to this role the following year. Being with the same teacher for more than one year enables students to grow confidence and comfort with the classroom and their teacher. This also enables teachers to develop a deeper understanding of each student’s strengths, needs, and learning styles and how best to meet those needs.


In addition, every year at Project Learn School we embark on several all-school activities such as Group Skills Days and Theme Week in which the student community forms any number of small, mixed-aged groups that include students from 5 - 13 years old. These mixed-aged groups explore, discover and learn together and, as a result, meaningful bonds form between our older students and their younger partners. It is also an opportunity for teachers to work with students outside their normal age range. Junior high teachers build bonds with our primary students as well as primary teachers rekindling relationships with older students who have left their classrooms. At Project Learn we truly see ourselves as a family of learners.  


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