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2017-2018 Tuition


Sliding Scale: $6,000 - $16,000

Initial Co-op Share: $1,100 (see below)

Activity Fee: $275


How Our Sliding Scale Works

With a sliding scale model, the school annually sets a minimum and maximum tuition for the year; for the 2017-1018 school year, the community approved a minimum of $6,000 and a maximum of $16,000. Each year, families submit a confidential financial worksheet to the school so that each family's tuition can be determined within this range according to that family’s financial ability. For further details and questions please contact Aisha Anderson-Oberman, Admissions Director.

"At Project Learn I developed the skills to work collaboratively with others to address classroom and school-wide issues.  This required listening to others, responding constructively, and finding mutually agreeable solutions.  The Group process taught me how to approach problems and work through them, regardless of the setting, and instilled in me a sense of responsibility for the issues at hand as well as a stake in the school community.  Through this, I became much more invested in my peers as well as the outcome."




Central High School
University of Maryland, College Park

Villanova University School of Law,

Cum Laude

Staff Attorney,

Community Legal Aid Society, Inc.

Why We Use a Sliding Scale

Since its inception, Project Learn has been deeply committed to inclusivity and diversity. From the time our founders cemented our cost-reducing cooperative model into the bylaws until today, there has been a continuous and deliberate effort by our community to keep our tuition low while still upholding our commitment to paying our teachers a living wage.


This decision, made by consensus by our parents, teachers, and staff, allows our school to enroll families from a broad economic spectrum representative of the Philadelphia neighborhoods that we serve. We believe a sliding scale model, in which a family’s financial commitment to the school is in equitable proportion to its financial resources, is the most promising way to ensure a vibrant and diverse future for our school.


Co-op Share

Each new family is required to purchase a co-op share equal to $1,100 for the 2017-2018 academic year. This co-op share is paid upon enrollment or included in the payment plan. When the last child of the family graduates or withdraws from the school, this co-op share will first be applied to any outstanding financial obligations to PLS. If a family wishes to reclaim some or all of the remaining balance of their co-op share, they must request it in writing within 90 days. After 90 days the balance reverts to PLS.

Sibling Discounts
A Sibling Discount, which represents 10% of the first child's tuition, may be requested by any family enrolling a second student at PLS who feels that they need this additional support. Any family enrolling a third sibling at PLS pays 2⁄3 tuition for the third student.

Project Learn School is proud to offer a sliding scale tuition model where a student's tuition is based on his or her family's resources.  You can use the calculator below to estimate your student's tuition.  


Please note:
1. Your student's actual tuition is calculated based on information you provide via our Tuition Information Form. The calculator below is meant solely to provide you a rough estimate.  Your student's actual tuition may differ a lot or a little depending on the completeness of the information you provide below.
2. Please consider all income available to you including child support, alimony, government assistance and other resources. 
3. Please consider both assets (e.g. savings, home or other property) and liabilities (e.g. student debt, mortgage debt) and enter the net sum as "assets".; families with significant debt may find that their "assets" are a negative number.
4. We understand that no calculator or form can fully capture every situation and are happy to speak with you directly about any questions or concerns you may have. 

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