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Our Students


Project Learn is a very diverse school community. We have a wonderful mix of families with a variety of family structures, socio-economic status, racial and ethnic backgrounds, and personal histories. We strive to mirror the diversity of Northwest Philadelphia because it is the area from which over three quarters of our students hail. Our current school community is 52% students of color, 30% low income, 14% single parent households, and 11% gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender families.  


At Project Learn we strive to nurture our students core identities, cultivate each child's interests and strengths and kindle our students' innate curiosity, creativity, and motivation to learn. We work hard to honor student voices by encouraging them to advocate for themselves and their peers, take an active role in their own learning, and express their ideas, feelings, and needs. As such, parents can feel confident that their children will be listened to, respected, trusted, and treated as capable individuals.

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