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Our Families


At Project Learn School, families are valued and respected as partners in their child’s learning and parental involvement is an essential part of who we are. From assisting classes to maintaining the building, the school would not exist without the contribution of family members. Families and staff work together to offer the richest possible education and social experience for our students. We believe that children and adults should always work cooperatively for the good of the school.  

In the Classroom

Family members are always welcome in the classroom. PLS encourages our families to share their diverse lives and experiences with our student body. This sharing happens throughout the year when parents and caregivers come in as storytellers, music/movement instructors, elective teachers, and classroom assistants.  


In the Administration/Governance

At PLS, families serve on administrative and action committees, discuss significant issues in our monthly Town Meetings, and help create school policies within the framework of consensual decision-making. Read more.  


For examples of family engagement at our school, read Philadelphia Life Magazine's feature article Learning Together: Children thrive at Project Learn School, an independent cooperative school where families are actively involved and “everyone’s voice is heard."

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