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Co-op Buyouts


Each family may choose to attend Town Meetings, clean the school four times per year, and take a co-op job, or they may choose to buy out of any or all of these co-op responsibilities. Parent/s or guardian/s of new and returning students may choose levels of co-oping with corresponding tuition rates. To maintain a particular co-oping level, parent/s or guadian/s must fulfill the requirements of that level in full or pay a fine for each missed commitment.


“Buying out” of Town Meeting is strongly discouraged. Project Learn School is a democratic community governed by parents and teachers. We use consensus as our decision making model and Town Meeting is the time when we are all together. In addition, Town Meeting is a time to touch base with teachers and fellow parents. Notwithstanding this, families can pay $1,455 and attend only the first Town Meeting.


The co-oping or the buyouts are all per family, so that whether you have one child or several enrolled, your co-op commitment or your buyout price is the same. If you choose to buy out of co-oping entirely, you are still expected, as you would be in any school, to help out at school events and fundraisers.





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