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Play Date & Visit


At PLS, we believe that it is important for students to visit with their age appropriate peers. This allows the staff to determine if PLS will be a good academic and social fit for each prospective student.


Children applying for kindergarten will attend a Kindergarten Play Date. These occur from 10 am - ­noon on Saturdays between January and April. During each Play Date, a small group of prospective kindergarteners will visit with Jane and Dorian. The children will participate in whole-group and individual learning and play.

Children applying for first and second grades will visit in Dorian’s Group for two consecutive days (8:30 am - noon for first graders.)


Children applying for third­-eighth grades will visit for three consecutive school days.

The decision regarding acceptance is made by the entire staff at a regular staff meeting and will be conveyed within two weeks of your child’s visit.


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