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Kindergarten Teacher


Project Learn School is looking for a full-time teacher to lead a kindergarten classroom, beginning September 1, 2017.  Project Learn is a small, cooperative school run collectively by teachers and parents on the basis of consensus.  We are looking for individuals excited about working with children and about joining our dynamic, collaborative community.


Although for the 2017-2018 school year, the position is for a kindergarten teacher, in the future, the configuration of the primary groups might change.  The teacher would need to be flexible to accommodate those changes.  The ideal candidate would be able to teach Kindergarten through Third Grade.


Teaching Responsibilities


The Group teacher facilitates the academic, personal, emotional, and social development of the Kindergarten students.  He or she must also strive to create a socially vibrant and intellectually curious community in the class as a whole.


Project Learn is a school that respects its teachers as experts in their fields and gives them autonomy to make their own choices about curriculum.  The Group teacher is responsible for creating and implementing play-based curriculum that includes Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, Outdoor Education, and Physical Movement.  At the same time, the teaching staff is collaborative.  In particular, the Kindergarten teacher will work closely with the 1st-2nd Grade Group teacher, coordinating thematic curricula and collaborating on projects.  The group teacher also will be supported by other teachers who lead Art, Music, and Spanish.


Project Learn is an intimate school, and the teacher’s work will not be confined to the Kindergarten.  Special events allow the teacher the opportunity to teach other age groups in the school.  The teacher will work with the rest of the staff to care for all students in our community.  Project Learn is also highly diverse, racially and socioeconomically.  Applicants should feel comfortable working with diverse student populations and with children of all ages.


Project Learn welcomes into the classroom the interests and talents of its community members.  We seek teachers eager to share their passions with the students.  Candidates with a background in outdoor education, music, handcrafts, conflict resolution, cooking, and making/building would be particular assets to our community.


Forest School


Now in its third year, Project Learn is committed to weekly outdoor experiences, which we call Forest School. The children spend every Wednesday in a outdoor location. The ideal candidate is willing to support and grow the existing program with the mentorship of the other staff.


Co-op Responsibilities


Project Learn has a cooperative governance structure.  All aspects of the school program are run collectively by the teachers and parents.  Attendance at a weekly staff meeting is required.  In addition, teachers attend a monthly “Town Meeting” with the full staff-parent body.  After their first year, teachers contribute their interests and skills to one of Project Learn’s various committees (e.g. Marketing, Personnel, Development, etc.).


Project Learn School Mission Statement


Project Learn School is an independent cooperative school, serving about 60 students in grades K-8.  Situated in the historic Philadelphia neighborhood of Mt. Airy, PLS maximizes the many resources available in a dynamic urban setting.  At Project Learn School, teachers, students and parents work together to create a progressive and humanistic community that promotes mutual respect, involvement and curiosity.


Applicants should send a resume, cover letter, and statement of educational philosophy to or Project Learn School, 6525 Germantown Ave., Philadelphia, PA 19119.

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