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Glossary of Terms



A two to three year grade and age span of students; usually preceded by a teacher’s name, indicating the teacher with primary responsibility for the educational program of those students. “Group” may also refer to a block of time in the schedule when those same students are together. Group time is often used for brainstorming, planning, council, decision-making, and conflict resolution.


Mixed Up Groups


Group Skills Days

Special days set aside by the staff to focus on skills that foster cooperation and inclusion.  Some Group Skill Days may also have a cultural theme.  Other Group Skills focus on an issue, such as inclusive play or the power of words.  The school year opens with Group Skills Days that provide an opportunity for each student to get to know one other student very well, to learn about school rules and expectations, and to build our school community for the year.  


Progressive Education

Link to chart of differences between a traditional education and progressive education

Link to Alfie Kohn article  “Progressive Education:  Why It’s Hard to Beat, But Also Hard to Find”


Humanistic Education


Project-Based Learning

Link to Edutopia Project-Based Learning Research Review


FTGOTS (For the Good of the School)

An all-school meeting planned and run by students monthly, with help of a teacher, to discuss all school issues, express appreciation, and share talents with one another.


John Dewey

link to Wikipedia


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