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Visual Art Program


At Project Learn School art is not considered a "special" or extra-curricular activity but rather is valued as a core part of our program.  Project Learn School’s visual art program provides a respectful and nurturing environment that allows students to build self-confidence through visual self-expression. Students are encouraged to observe their world with curiosity and depth. Experiences in the art room are designed to allow students to explore materials and ideas, finding personal voice and meaning in a visual context.


Artistic exploration happens throughout the entire nines years of curriculum.  Our program starts with our youngest students and continues sequentially through our graduating 8th graders. Our 5-7 year old Group has art 4 times a week, coming to the art room in half groups each day for ½ hour class periods. The 7-9 year old Group has art twice a week for 45 minute class periods with the added opportunity to choose an art based elective during the Spring semester. Our 9-11 year old students have art twice a week, once as half groups and once as a whole group with the opportunity to choose up to two art based electives each semester. Finally, our Junior High students have art twice a week in groups of 8 or 9 students with the opportunity to choose up to two art based electives each semester. Each fall a Portfolio class is held once a week after school to provide an added opportunity for our Junior High art students who are considering applying for one of the Philadelphia arts high schools.


From the beginning of their studies here, our students investigate a full range of formal art elements that include color, shape, line, texture, pattern, value and composition. Project formats include still-lifes, landscapes, portraits and non-representational design problems. The program is a balance of 2-D and 3-D experiences. Students are provided with opportunities to explore new materials/concepts as well as revisit/refine their understanding of ideas and technique. Unexpected discoveries are celebrated and students gain the expertise that allows them to reuse these discoveries in purposeful and intentional ways. During the course of their time at PLS, students develop facility with various art materials and techniques and develop an ever-growing visual vocabulary that allows them to express themselves effectively.


Our goal is to foster an atmosphere that promotes appreciation and celebration of the creative process. Students come to art class early, stay late, and feel welcome during free periods. Every child is valued, each artwork appreciated for its strength and spirit. The school community supports the belief that art matters and celebrates our student artists who make the work. We learn from each other, as well as from the art that has been made before us.


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