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Project Learn School is an independent cooperative school, serving about 60 students in grades K-8. Situated in the historic Philadelphia neighborhood of Mt. Airy, PLS maximizes the many resources available in a dynamic urban setting. At Project Learn School, teachers, students and parents work together to create a progressive and humanistic community that promotes mutual respect, involvement and curiosity.


Virtual Open House


December 15th

9 am

Please reach out to our Community Coordinator at 215-438-3623 or to RSVP. The Zoom link will be sent out the day before the event.

Winter Break

December 18th-January 3rd

Winter Break - School Closed

Welcome Back!

January 4th at 8:30am

School resumes!

Dr. Martin Luther King, JR  Holiday

January 17th

School Closed

Around The School

A Day of Adventure in Costa Rica

As part of our trip to Costa Rica, our 8th grade students spent a day white water rafting and zip lining through the rainforest canopy. It provided a wonderful balance with our days working at a local elementary school, and allowed the students to support one and other as we pushed our bodies in physical ways. Thanks to our wonderful guides and Costa Rica Explorations for leading us through this annual experience. 

Kids Care 23

Our school spent a Tuesday morning creating four handmade books that celebrated "The Best Parts of Us". These books will be on display as part of Woodmere Museum's Kids Care 23 exhibit November 5 - December 18.  Our project this year was inspired by photojournalist John W. Mosley's black and white photos, Woodmere's theme of Communities and Wendy Ewald's book "The Best Part of Me". Working in both their Language Arts and Art classes, students wrote short prose and took photographs celebrating a part of their body. Once in their mixed-age groupings, students shared their stories and photos, invented title's for their book and collaged covers using black and white fabrics and acrylic paint. Our books unite our individual stories, transforming them into communities of strength. 

The Staff has been Out and About!

The staff has had several recent opportunities to learn together out in our community. A beautiful fall afternoon was spent with Friends of the Wissahickon volunteer Gerry Schweiger on a guided hike through Wissahickon woods. Gerry, who is also a PLS alumni parent, shared his vast knowledge of this region’s history, trail reconstruction and cultural importance. We all left with new knowledge and a renewed understanding of the importance of this natural landscape in our neighborhood. For anyone interested in taking one of FOW’s guided hikes, check out the listings on their website.

The morning of our October Staff Day was spent previewing the photographs of John W. Mosley, which are on display at Woodmere Art Museum through January 16, 2017. Mosley was a local Philadelphia photographer whose over 300,000 images document the African American community of Philadelphia during the 1930s-1960’s. Mosley’s exhibit is the inspiration for this year’s Kids Care exhibit which will be on display at Woodmere Nov. 5 - Dec.18. We look forward to being part of this year’s show!

Mixed-Up Group Skills - Wilderness Adventure

Every school year we begin with a special event called "Group Skills." Very much like the name suggests, we embark on three days with the entire school organized into mixed age groups. It is unique opportunity for the kids to meet and create relationships that carry throughout the entire school year. Every year a different theme is chosen, with this year's theme based on survival skills in the natural world. Jane, Joan and Dorian worked together to brainstorm and create an exciting group skills program designed to instill and promote comfort and confidence with the outdoors. Starting on Wednesday 9/14 and ending on 9/16 the mixed up groups experienced workshops led by the staff on shelter building, first aid 101, plant and tree identification, map and direction reading, and a cooking workshop about preparing nutritious snacks. On Friday each mixed up group put their skills to work reading maps that lead them Carpenter Woods, approximately one mile from Project Learn. Upon arrival we completed a team building shelter activity and had a picnic lunch as a whole school. Thanks to the many parents who joined us for this fun adventure.

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