Our philosophy is based on the recognition that every student has unique talents, interests, and learning styles, and the conviction that our program should be responsive to those differences.

Since education is only meaningful when students are personally involved, we believe in giving students the opportunity to share in the planning and directing of their education. 

The school strives to provide a productive and creative learning environment that meets the intellectual, social, emotional, and physical needs of every student. 

Emphasis is on developing a sense of responsibility in students for themselves and for the larger world, encouraging lifelong learning, developing the knowledge and skills needed for empowerment, learning how to work in multi-age groups, and cultivating critical thinking.  It is also the goal of Project Learn School that students, staff, parents and volunteers work collectively to foster an atmosphere of respect and involvement.


Each year the staff determines the number of groups and the students who will be assigned to each group.  Group size is twelve to sixteen students.  Each group has a multi-age, multi-grade span of two to three years and students have complimentary social and emotional needs.

A distinctive aspect of Project Learn School is the emphasis on working cooperatively.  During GROUP time, students develop leadership skills and learn to work together, negotiate differences, and take responsibility for a project. 

Each group spends several hours together each week, during which time they have meetings about school-related issues, engage  in thematic studies, and carry out sales, projects and service learning.