History of the School

A note from our founding teachers . . .

Welcome to the new Project Learn Web site. As we begin the yearlong celebration of the 45th anniversary of our founding, we honor all those teachers, parents and children who have made the Project Learn School a model for progressive, collaborative, humanistic education.

Forty years ago, the three of us started this school with other parents, because we knew then as we know now that parents have the primary responsibility for their children’s education.  We wanted our children to be celebrated as learners and to develop into caring, lively, socially conscious members of the community.  They have. Now we are educating our grandchildren.  What a joy.

PLS continues to provide the small, intimate setting where children are safe to risk thinking about their own learning, parents are encouraged to be involved in their children’s education and teachers are free to design a curriculum that meets the individual needs of their students. While programs proliferate across the country in an effort to find school structures that work, Project Learn has been recognized as embodying the best of these reforms.

We, Donna, Nancy and Fran, invite you to visit the school and see what all the celebrating is all about! 

In peace,

Fran Fox
Nancy Bailey
Donna Allender