About Project Learn School

PROJECT LEARN SCHOOL is a cooperative, independent elementary and middle school with about 80 students. At Project Learn School, teachers, students and parents work together to create a progressive and humanistic school community that promotes mutual respect, involvement and curiosity.

Situated in the historic Philadelphia neighborhood of Mt. Airy, PLS maximizes the many resources available in a dynamic urban setting.

We are accredited by the Pennsylvania Association of Independent Schools (PAIS), under the authority of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

While we offer a complete elementary and middle school curriculum, parents and students at Project Learn participate in the educational process and policy to a much greater extent than in most schools.  

Project Learn operates as a parent-teacher cooperative, offering parents the opportunity of being true partners in their child’s education.

Just as parents and teachers determine the goals, focus and philosophy of the school, students – working with teachers and parents – shape their educational goals and decide specific topics of study they are interested in pursuing.

Most of our classes are vertically grouped and there are many mixed age learning activities and electives as part of our curriculum.

A unique aspect of our program is GROUP time.  This consists of regularly scheduled activities that teach students to work together and make decisions, negotiate differences and take responsibility for part of a project. 

Our Jr. High (6th, 7th & 8th grade) offers a unique opportunity for middle school age children to work in their own small groups within a larger community and to successfully prepare for the challenges of high school and beyond.